View of Paralia

Sunset in Paralia Patra

Hello children from Badalona, Daleszyce, and Zabor. We want to welcome you with two photos from our town, Paralia.

In the first one you can get a very small idea what our town looks like. Of course you will get the full picture in the next months.

In the second picture you can enjoy a wonderful sunset as we enjoy it from our homes.

We’ll be chatting to you very soon.

Till then … keep well and be very very happy!

Barbara Koziori and the students from Grades 1 and 2 of 2nd Junior High school of Paralia

Hello our key pals from Europe,

This our slide show about or school and town. We hope you like it and you have fun looking at it. We know we had a lot of fun making it!!!

The students from 2nd Junior High School of Paralia



  1. Hello friends form Paralia! We like your photos very much. We are also very happy that we can chat together. Teachers and students from class 1A

    • Well,thank you so much for your comment!we are very happy that we can chat together,too!!!we hope that one day you can visit our country and we would like you of course to come to our town!!!

  2. Hi we have on name Maks and Adam. We live in Zaborze. We like school ale we the most like Wuef, polsk,and English. .Motorization is our hobby. We like quick motors and eating sweetnesses.

  3. Abadalona es molt maca i fa bastante calorpero sestaber i a ZABOR fa calor adeu abera si en contesteu.

    • Dear Joan,

      Thanx very much for your comment, but my Spanish hasn’t become that good yet. Could you tell me what is it in English?


      • Excuse me please. My teacher, Joan, is helping me. My English is not really good yet. I said: “Like Badalona, (Paralia), is very wonderful. They are (Paralia and Badalona) really hot (in summer) but it’s OK for me. In Zabor I think isn’t too hot like Paralia or Badalona. Please answer my comment.”. This is all I said. Best wishes. Joan (the student). Written by Joan (teacher) helping.

  4. Hi ! We are from Zabór and we like your school . 🙂

  5. hello barrbara Badalona is done quite nice during summer heat Paralia h ai ma agrdat photo of the sunset ball ball.

    • Hello Barbara. I will traduce also this comment too. Badalona is quite nice during the summer. (Because we can swim at the beach). I really enjoyed Paralia photos. I like the sunset photo with the sun like a big ball. This is what I want to see. Thanks!

  6. Pralia it’s a beautiful and wonderful country.
    I enjoy that we can work together.
    Redgards from Paralia

  7. Hello Paralia students. We like very much your town and your post, and your photos. Bye!

  8. Beautiful sunset .. it looks interesting and at the same time are fond memories
    Please more of such photos
    Regards Dagmara and Patrycja

  9. You have pretty (beautiful) views very. Sunset is presented curiously.

  10. Wonderful view:)
    You can be the presumption from the place where you live
    Regards Dagmara and Patrycja

  11. Hi from Slovakia,
    I am 12 years old. I can see in your photos a very nice country. My favourite school subjects are English and IT. My mail is

  12. Hello Paralia Student´s.Ilove your sea and you have got very great photos.I love Greece.I go to Greece beatch on big holidays.

  13. I love that beautiful photos of my town (Paralia)

  14. Hello!
    We are Joan S. and Joan M. from Badalona.
    We enjoyed very much your photos.
    They are really beautiful.
    Bye, bye.
    Joan Sánchez and Joan Martínez

  15. Your pictures are very nice.Childrens are happy
    and sweedy. The teachers are friendly.

  16. Hello. You have very very very beautiful town … nice views 😉

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