OUR COUNTRY IS POLAND. Look at this promotional material shown on CNN.

And our region is swietokrzyskie (the name comes from the Holy Cross Mountains). Look at this promotional film about our region.


 The slides are about our country, region, town and a little bit about our school – to make a short introduction.

Daleszyce is a small town situated in the valley of the Belnianka river, about 19 km from Kielce, the capital city of Świetokrzyskie Voivodship. The first names were spelled as Daleszowice, Dalessowicze (1341), Daleszice (1401), Dalleschicze (1540). It is said that the name of our town derives from the name of Dalech, which might have been popular in the past

Here we are - close to the Holy Cross Monastery Here we are – close to the Holy Cross Monastery

 Daleszyce is situated in the region which is proud of the Holy Cross Mountains (Swietokrzyskie Mountains). Our town is only about 14 kilometres from them. This is what you can find in Wikipedia: Świętokrzyskie Mountains (Holy Cross Mountains),  are a mountain range in central Poland, in the vicinity of the city of Kielce. In most part the chain consists of a number of separate ranges, the highest of which is Łysogóry (lit. bald mountains). The two highest peaks are Łysica at 612 meters (2008 ft) and Łysa Góra at 593 meters (1946 ft). Together with the Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska the mountains form a region called the Lesser Poland Upland (Wyżyna Małopolska). Their area is 1684 km² (650 mi²). The Świętokrzyskie Mountains are one of the oldest mountain ranges in Europe. They were formed during the Caledonian orogeny of the Silurian period and then rejuvenated in the Hercynian orogeny of the Upper Carboniferous period. From the early Middle Ages the mountains were a place of extensive copper and iron mining. Later they were also a significant site of limestone and red sandstone extraction. At present, the center part of the mountains contains the Świętokrzyski National Park.

The name, Holy Cross Mountains, refers to Christian relics from a nearby Benedictine monastery on Łysa Góra, said to be small pieces of wood from the Cross on which Jesus Christ was crucified.

It is said that Cracow bishops were administrators of great areas of forests in the Holy Cross Monuntain region. Therefore, it is supposed that the foundation of the church in Daleszyce was to support not only christianization but also the administration of the area. It was when Leszek Biały  (the White) was the king of Poland.

Leszek Biały - the king of Poland Leszek Biały – the king of Poland


Daleszyce village has historical sources mention the beginning of the thirteenth century. According to Dlugosz in 1221 the Bishop of Cracow, Iwo Odrowąż Daleszycach founded in the church of St. Michael the Archangel. The settlement grew with the position in trade routes, what happened to the fact conducive to the location of the town by King Sigismund Augustus in 1569, three hundred years later, in 1869, Daleszyce lost civic rights. The reason for this was the slow decline of the local market Daleszyce, as well as repression by the occupying power against inhabitants of the earth Daleszyckiej for participation in the uprising and encouraging the insurgents from the years 1863-1864. 



  1. Hello kids from Daleszyce,we like very much your photos and we are very happy that we can communicate with you although we are far away from each other!!

  2. hello Atos students Daleszyce hand stands the very picture Bostro abere Algona day if we can know God

  3. Hello boys and girls from Daleszyce. We like very much your explation about your nice town and your photos. Greetings from Badalona’s 5th level!

  4. Wonderful view:)
    You can be proud of the place where you live
    Regards Dagmara and Patrycja

  5. we love daleszyce

  6. Hello!
    What a wonderful building. It’s really beautiful.
    We think it’s a really good house.
    Joan Sánchez & Joan Martínez 5th B

  7. what beautiful colours!

  8. what beautiful colours!
    Your church is very big and nice!!!

  9. cool pictures 😉
    We love you too; -*

  10. Dear Poland,
    I let us send sincere condolence.
    We are very sorry…

  11. I heard what happened. I´m so sorry. I am sad of what happened. 😦

  12. Hello!
    I am sorry for your president and his wife.

  13. I´m sorry what happened to your president Lech Kaczyńský. 94 people..this is very much.

    Terka from Slovakia

  14. Dear Friends from Daleszice!



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