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Salvador Espriu 5th A level students
Hello friends!. We are the 5th A and 5th B level students from Salvador Espriu School in Badalona. We hope we will enjoy very much get in touch with you. Next time we will talk about our school. Bye, bye!


  1. Your school is very nice and beautiful

  2. Hello friends form Badalona. J m Adam. We like photos. J live in Zabór. J m thirteen years old.

  3. puttirri te amo+

  4. Hi our new friends! We are Jimmy & Con from paralia.We saw your photos and we found your school intresting. We hope, we can work together very well!

  5. Hi our new friends! we are Jimmy and Con from the 3rd junior high school. we saw your photos and we found your school interesting. we hope that we will work together very well!

  6. Hey:)
    We are very impressed that you have a great city ..
    have many interesting things,:)
    Regards Dagmara and Patrycja

  7. Hello everybody! Your photos are very amusing. This dragon behind you is great.

  8. Hello friends,
    we are now on English lesson in IT class. We are working on our project. I am looking for information about our church now. You have a beautiful photo with a dragon.

  9. You have nice photos and the dragon is nice. I am from Slovakia

  10. Hello friends.
    I play tennis and you? My skype is adamec1414 and yours? And I live in Slovakia Tovarniky. And I am 11 years old.

  11. Hi. I´m from Slovakia. I´m 12 years old. What is your email? My E-mail is Can we become penfriends?
    Bye, bye.

  12. Hello, friends I´m from Slovakia. I´m 12 years old.
    I play Baseball and Football. What is your email? My E-mail is I am looking for a penfriend.

  13. Hello Badalona. I am from Slovakia. You have nice photos. And the dragon, or what it is it´s pretty. I really like it. And now something about me. I am from Topolcany.In the picture I looks l badly ))). I have long hair and they are blond. Bye, bye Badalona.

  14. Hello . I am Juraj. I am from Topolcany, this is in Slovakia . I play baseball. I am 11 years old. We have good teachers. Bye Bye !

  15. hello,we are sk8 mafia. welcome to my side.

  16. What to be to hear at you there. It at us in Poland is very good.

  17. Hello 😀
    I like a Christmas card from you. I hope you that our well.
    Good bye 😀

  18. 😀 Dear Friends 😀
    we wish you happy new year, much health, happiness, love and good marks at school.

    How are you doing in the new year??
    I am well.

    From Slovakia 😀

  19. we love badalona and fc barchelona

  20. Badalona is a great town. You look beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have got a wonderful

  21. Hi !
    I’m Justyna,and I from Poland. Badalona is very fantastic !!!
    W Badalonie jest pięknie !
    I will visit you someday!
    Goodbye !

  22. You hve very nice dragon. I like your school ;*

    Julitta from Poland

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