Posted by: Bozena Kraj | June 30, 2010

Thank you very much! Greetings from Daleszyce

GIMNAZJUM im. Jana Pawla II
26-021 Daleszyce, ul. Sienkiewicza 11B

Daleszyce, 25 June 2010

To the coordinators from Greece, Spain, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Turkey and Poland

Dear Sir/ Madam,
As the head teacher of John Paul II Junior High School in Daleszyce, Poland I would like to express my great satisfaction with the eTwinning cooperation we have had with your school since September 2009.
The project entitled “Our town in the old times” is a spectacular one and it is well suited for educational aims of our schools and helps us open doors to education of the future, which must be morę international, integrated and collaborative.
Our participation in the project has integrated teachers and students and encouraged European integration, which is so significant nowadays. I feel obliged to say that my school is open to eTwinning projects like that, as they provide opportunities for European cooperation. What is morę, I am so glad that technological resources, computer labs arę used morę extensively as tools for teaching history, geography, English, culture and encourage international friendship.
I am sending greetings from Daleszyce, Poland and hope that our schools will be good eTwinning partners in the future as well.
Yours faithfully,

Mr. Jan Cedro, the head teacher



  1. Thank you very much! It was a pleasure to be with your school and other partner schools in this project!
    Best regards

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