Posted by: agatawaltrowska | May 25, 2010

Flood in Poland

This year is really difficult for our country. After the national tragedy we have to fight with the natural disaster – flood.  We experienced such flood 13 years ago. After this time this monster came back to us again. I didn’t expect that the flood will be so huge. But unfortunately I wasn’t right.

The neighbourhood of Zabor is in danger too. Students of our school live very close to the river. The biggest wave will be here this night or tommorow.

Odra - Cigacice oraz Pomorsko (24.05.2010)

 Milsko 3 km from Zabor

Nowa Sól, port (24.05.2010 stan na godz. 19.30) Nowa  Sól

Górzykowo koło Cigacic  Górzykowo near Cigacice

Powódź 2010, Przewóz Przewóz



  1. We have seen at TV the Polish floods.
    We don’t like it.
    We hope it will be all fine in next days!
    Students of Badalona’s school.

  2. Our thoughts are with you at these difficult moments, our friends and key pals!

    We hope that you have got any problems, eventually! Have you? How are things now?

    Barbara Koziori and the students of 2nd Junior High School of Paralia

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